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Negligent security is a part of premise liability, which refers to the responsibility of property owners and businesses to implement safety measures to keep those who are legally on their premises safe. They are responsible for maintaining safe conditions and eliminating foreseeable dangers. When property owners and businesses fail to do this and cause injury to those on their premise, this is called premise liability. This can include accidents caused by unsafe conditions or inadequate warnings of unsafe conditions. A common premise liability case is a “slip and fall.”

Negligent Security

Negligent Security Information
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Negligent security is a type of premise liability claim and refers more specifically to preventable injuries caused by third parties. Just as property owners and business are responsible for keeping you safe from accidents, they are also responsible for preventing dangerous conditions where a third party can injure you on their premises. If the property owner or business fails to implement adequate security measures to protect you from injury from a third party—from things like violent assault, rape or even death—this is called negligent security. When this happens, you have a right to hold the property owner or business accountable for their negligence.

Examples of Negligent Security
Tampa Negligent Security Lawyer

Basically, when you enter public places like schools, hotels, bars, airports or even your workplace or the home or apartment you are renting, you should be protected from all foreseeable dangers from a third party. Generally, a property owner or business is guilty of negligent security when something on their property presents an unreasonable risk to those who are on the property and that risk is not an obvious one. Common safety measures such as proper lighting, fences and locks, security guards and surveillance cameras should be employed as necessary to prevent crimes committed by a third party against those on the property. For example, places like bars, casinos and nightclubs should have adequate security to protect patrons from fights and violence. This is a foreseeable threat to those who might visit these establishments. Another example would be for businesses to have sufficient lighting in parking lots to prevent crimes against its patrons. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of all property owners and businesses to employ adequate safety measures that prevent injury from a third party to their customers, patrons and tenants.

Victims of Negligent Security

If you or a loved one has been victimized by a third party or criminal assailant and you believe that the injury could have been prevented by the business or property owner implementing better security measures, contact a negligent security lawyer in Tampa. You have a right to hold the negligent party accountable. Victims of negligent security or premises liability can recover damages from the negligent property owner. However, your case requires you to prove several things including:

  • An unsafe condition existed on the property.
  • The unsafe condition or lack of proper security was the cause of your injury.
  • The property owner knew (or should have known) about the unsafe condition or security issues on their property.
  • The property owner did not take adequate measures to reduce or eliminate the unsafe condition or provide security.

That’s why you need an experienced Tampa negligent security lawyer by your side to help you hold the at fault business responsible.

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