Because medicine is far from an exact science, it can be challenging for patients to determine when they’ve been the victim of malpractice. Just because you suffered complications, for example, doesn’t mean your provider made a mistake.


There are other signs, however, that can point toward malpractice. If you can answer yes to any of the following, it’s worth calling an attorney, because you might have grounds for a claim:

1. Is My Condition Getting Worse?

While it’s true that not everyone responds to treatment, it’s also true that misdiagnoses are one of the most common mistakes doctors make. If you underwent an invasive procedure or you’ve been taking medication for a while and your symptoms aren’t improving—or they’re getting worse—there’s a good chance you don’t have the condition that your physician is attempting to treat.

2. Has My Medical Team Been Neglecting Me?

Doctors have an obligation to provide comprehensive care. This includes following up with their patients periodically to confirm the treatments they ordered are working.

If your physician has not been checking up on you—or has failed to address any concerns you’ve brought to their attention—you may have grounds for legal action. Assuming you suffered complications as a direct result of the neglect, you should be entitled to compensation.

3. Was I Unaware of the Risks My Treatments Posed?

Aside from a few exceptions, like scenarios in which the patient is incapacitated, providers must obtain informed consent before administering treatment. They have to explain all the risks of the proposed care plan using language the patient can understand. Then, they must confirm the patient does, in fact, still wish to proceed.

If your medical team never discussed the complications you might face by agreeing to treatment, that may be cause for action.

4. Did I Get Different Diagnoses from Different Providers?

If you ended up seeking a second opinion and the other doctor’s diagnosis turned out to be different, at least one of the physicians likely made a mistake. You’re going to have to consult relevant specialists, however, to determine which one was negligent. It may also take a third provider to confirm what is actually causing your symptoms.

5. Was I Treated with a Defective Device?

Medical devices—including those that are surgically implanted in patients—are recalled every single year for being defective. If you’ve been following the news and it appears that something doctors used to treat you has been recalled, call a lawyer who’s well-versed in product liability as soon as possible.

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