On May 14, 2015, TampaBay.com reported that a pickup truck struck a motorcyclist and dragged the bike ten blocks, leaving the motorcyclist in critical condition.

The truck struck the motorcycle near 40th Street and dragged the bike ten blocks, leaving a trail of debris on the road. The motorcyclist was pushed for more than 100 feet.

Motorcycle Rider

Before striking the victim, the driver of the truck hit another car while backing out onto 30th Avenue. The driver fled that scene at a high rate of speed, according to investigators, then hit the motorcyclist. The driver of the truck faces charges of DUI causing serious bodily injury, DUI with property damage and leaving the scene of a crash involving injuries.


Unfortunately, DUI accidents are common in Florida. According to the most recent Traffic Crash Facts Annual Report published by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were:

  • 17,258 alcohol-related/suspected crashes resulting in 877 fatalities and 12,066 injuries.
  • 1,798 drug-related/suspected crashes resulting in 200 fatalities and 1,435 injuries.

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