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Being a commercial truck driver comes with great responsibility. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for drivers or their employers to behave negligently and put the lives of other people at risk. If you or someone you love was hurt in a truck wreck, contact one of our Lakeland truck accident attorneys to find out if you have grounds for a claim.

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Types of Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailers, also known as big rigs or semi-trucks, are much larger than most other vehicles on the road. Their size and weight make them much more powerful in the event of an accident. They require more stopping time and distance and can do a lot of damage to those in passenger vehicles. If you were hurt in such a wreck due to the fault of another party, contact our law firm to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Lakeland.

There are several different types of truck accidents, including:

  • Jackknife: If a truck driver must apply their brakes suddenly or hard, it can cause the cab and the trailer to fold at 90-degree angles with each other. The trailer’s weight causes it to push forward with the cab’s traction.
  • Rollovers: Losing control of a big truck can cause it to slide and then roll over onto its side. Any vehicles or motorists in its way may pay with their lives.
  • Tire Blowout: Any kind of vehicle can experience a tire blowout. Suppose a driver doesn’t know how to handle this sudden and unexpected situation. In that case, it only takes moments to get out of hand. If a tire blowout happens in a truck, the results can be deadly to anyone in or near its path. Big rigs are more likely to experience tire blowouts as their tires experience much more wear and tear and sometimes aren’t inspected and replaced as they should be.
  • Wide Turns: Truck drivers must steer or swing left to make a right turn, also referred to as a wide turn. Suppose the driver isn’t aware of the rear traffic or their surroundings on the right side; they can accidentally trap other vehicles or even pedestrians when maneuvering a right turn.
  • Blind Spots: All vehicles have blind spots that drivers must be aware of. However, trucks have much larger blind spots. If the truck driver can’t see other vehicles when they are changing lanes, those vehicles are placed in harm’s way and could be forced off the road or hit or crushed.
  • Rear-End: While rear-end accidents in passenger vehicles aren’t always serious and may just be fender benders with cosmetic damage, it’s a different story with large trucks. Unfortunately, rear-end trucking accidents often result in severe property damage and catastrophic or fatal injuries due to their weight.
  • Under Ride: Suppose a truck comes to a sudden stop. In that case, sometimes smaller vehicles quickly approaching behind it can become stuck under its trailer. Unfortunately, these underride accidents are some of the deadliest trucking accidents on record.
  • Lost Loads: Trucks are designed to carry freight. However, their freight must be properly loaded and secured. If it’s not, it can lead to an accident or make an accident worse.
  • Head-On: Head-on crashes with big rigs are devastating. Sadly, catastrophic and fatal injuries should be expected with these types of accidents.
  • T-Bone: T-bone accidents occur most frequently when a truck driver runs a red light and hits another vehicle perpendicularly. In these cases, it may even push that vehicle into other vehicles causing an even larger accident.

Who Is Responsible for Damages After a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are some of the most complicated personal injury cases. One reason for this is the potential for several different parties to be liable for your damages. It’s essential to have representation from a well-versed Lakeland truck accident lawyer to maximize your compensation in such a case.

Suppose the wrong party is held accountable or all liable parties aren’t pursued. In that case, you won’t receive the compensation you are entitled to. You may be able to seek monetary damages from one or more of the following parties:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The truck or parts manufacturer (defective products)
  • The company or employees that loaded the truck
  • Local municipalities

Turn to an Experienced Lakeland Truck Accident Attorney

After a serious truck accident, you need a dedicated advocate on your side seeking compensation on your behalf. You will find that advocate in a Lakeland truck accident lawyer from Capaz Law Firm. Please call our office today at 863-400-6151 or send us an email through our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation truck accident consultation.

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