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Tampa’s ABC Action News recently reported on the top five locations in the Tampa Bay area where drivers are most likely to be involved in a rear-end accident. Tampa’s top rear-end crash locations included:

• I-75 and Brandon Boulevard,
• I-75 and I-4,
• US -19 and Tampa Road,
• I-275 and I-4, and
• I-275 and US-92 (Dale Mabry Highway).


According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the most common time to get in a wreck is during rush hour on Friday around 5:00 p.m. Additionally, the most common age group for drivers to be involved in rear-end collisions is the 20 – 24 range. The occurrence of rear-end accidents appears to decrease as the age of the drivers increase. As the news report stated: “Young drivers and rush hour don’t mix.”

Injuries from Rear-End Impacts

Typically, rear-end injury accidents occur when a vehicle is stopped and then struck from behind by a moving car or truck. As a result of the unexpected, heavy impact, the occupants of the stopped vehicle (or vehicle being struck) are more likely to suffer greater injuries. Injuries that commonly occur as a result of rear-end accidents include: cranial and facial injuries, TMJ injuries, and neck (whiplash), shoulder, back and knee injuries.

The injury attorneys at Tampa’s Capaz Law Firm always recommend that you seek immediate medical attention as symptoms from internal injuries do not manifest immediately and serious injuries may require surgical consultations and treatment. If you have been injured in a car crash in Tampa, contact the Capaz Law Firm today.

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