New Report Shows Increase in Tampa Bay Auto Accidents

Each year, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles publishes the Florida Crash Statistics Report. The report provides a wide range of information about Florida auto accidents such as the total number of accidents, the number of fatal accidents, the number of accidents where alcohol was involved or suspected, and the number of accidents involving motorcycles. The data is also broken down by factors such as vehicle type and county, and is compared to data from the previous year. Unfortunately, a review of the most recent report reveals an overall increase in the total number of auto accidents in Tampa Bay (Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties) when compared to the previous year’s report.

Tampa Bay Auto Accidents On The Rise

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Tampa Bay Accidents by County

Comparing data from the most recent Florida Crash Statistics Report to data from the previous year’s report reveals a nearly 11% increase in the total number of Tampa Bay crashes — from 41,777 to 45,713. However, the data from each individual county shows some surprising changes: while one county actually had a decrease in accidents, three other counties saw significant increases.

  • Hernando County saw a 5.8% decrease in accidents (from 1,995 to 1,879)
  • Hillsborough County saw a 6.1% increase in accidents (from 20,180 to 21,420)
  • Pasco County saw a 5.7% increase in accidents (from 6,001 to 6,345)
  • Pinellas County saw an 18.2% increase in accidents (from 13,601 to 16,069)

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