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What Is the Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hollywood often depicts lawyers as smooth talkers who are more concerned about putting on a show in court than taking care of their clients. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when it comes to personal injury attorneys.

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Capaz Law Personal Injury
Tampa Bay is One of the Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians in the Country

Tampa Bay is a dream for many. Sunny weather and beautiful beaches make it the perfect destination for Pedestrians and bicyclists year-round. But is it the safest place? According to the 2019 “Dangerous by Design” study from Smart Growth America, Florida is ranked among the most dangerous metropolitan areas in the united states for pedestrians.

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Insurance Claims Information
Answers to Top 5 Questions about Insurance

Tampa Car Accident Attorney Most drivers consult with friends and family when it’s time to select a car insurance policy. During the process, they often receive conflicting information about everything from coverage requirements to the impact of an accident on their premium.

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Red Light Crash Lawyer
Tampa Car Crash Accident Law Firm

Red Light Crashes AAA Traffic Safety’s most recent research finds more than two people are killed every day on U.S. highways and roads by impatient and careless and reckless drivers running through red lights, according to data analysis performed by AAA.

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Bad Drivers Traffic Accidents
Tampa Car Crash Accident Attorneys

Bad Drivers AAA Traffic Safety’s most recent research finds automobile drivers who have been in at least one car crash in the past two years are much more likely to engage in risky behaviors like speeding and texting, even when they think the law enforcement may catch them.

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Top 10 Verdict Award Personal Injury
Tampa Car Crash Accident Attorneys

Top Trial Verdict in Florida Capaz Law Firm is pleased to announce that a recent trial victory has been featured as one of the Top 10 jury verdicts obtained in the State of Florida. The $202,230,000.00 award topped TopVerdict’s list as the #1 largest Personal Injury Jury Verdict in Florida in 2019.

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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer
Tampa Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Semi trailer accidents are common in the U.S. and each year they leave innocent victims and injuries.  tens of thousands of innocent victims with devastating injuries. There are also people who die. Victims and their families are left to deal with the physical and emotional pain of their injuries, and the costs that go with […]

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Capaz Law Premises Liability
Tampa Slip and Fall Attorney

Property owners have a responsibility to protect people on their property by maintaining safe conditions and eliminating dangers that are foreseeable. They also must also provide sufficient warning of any dangerous conditions like a cracked sidewalk or wet floor. When property owners fail to do this and it results in a visitor to have an […]

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Pedestrian Auto Accident Lawyer
3 FAQs About Lyft & Uber Accidents

Accident Attorneys The growth of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft has led to a variety of new and interesting legal questions. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, you may find the proceedings overwhelming and confusing. Below are the answers to some common questions about pedestrian accidents involving Uber and […]

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Car Crash Lawyer Tampa
What Evidence Should I Gather After a Car Accident?

Tampa Car Crash Accident Attorneys Your top priority after any auto accident is to seek medical attention. If you were seriously injured, you should not decline emergency medical assistance just so you can gather evidence. But if you are able to walk around the scene and compile evidence before visiting a hospital or clinic, you […]

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