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Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise

Pedestrian deaths are increasing. According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA), pedestrian deaths are expected to account for fifteen percent of traffic fatalities. This will be the largest year-to-year increase in pedestrian deaths since 1975. The expected increase would bring pedestrian deaths to the highest total since 1996, when 5,449 pedestrian fatalities were reported.

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Top Three Distractions for Young Drivers

New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has revealed disturbing results regarding distracted driving and young drivers. AAA and the University of Iowa studied teen drivers over the past eight years using dashboard camera footage to analyze the moments leading up to car crashes in more than 2,200 videos. According to the study, […]

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Teen Drivers and the “100 Deadliest Days”

Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Summer vacation is here and that means more freedom for teenage drivers. Unfortunately, it also means there is a greater chance for teen drivers to get into car accidents. The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is often referred to as the 100 deadliest days of the year. The number […]

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Top 15 Best Cars for Teen Drivers

AxleGeeks has compiled a list of the top 15 best vehicles for teen drivers. This list was generated based upon fuel efficiency, safety, and price, as well as 5-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and safety awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Additionally, each vehicle model earns more than 25 […]

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Distracted Car Accident Lawyer
April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Tampa Distracted Driving Car Accidents Another distracted driving accident occurred last week when a young mother was out for an afternoon walk with her three small children. While driving down the opposite side of the road, a driver became distracted by a cigarette and swerved, hitting three of the four family members from behind. The […]

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Types of Distractions Resulting in Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines distraction as anything that diverts a driver’s attention from the primary tasks of navigating a car and responding to critical events. A visual distraction is something that takes a person’s eyes off the road, a cognitive distraction takes someone’s mind off the road, and a manual distraction takes […]

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