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As summer approaches and the school year ends, it is important to ensure that safety is a priority for all summer activities. If you are planning a family road trip, take time to review some travel safety tips before loading up the car, SUV, or camper. Up front prevention and planning can help to avoid unfortunate circumstances later.

Safety Tips

Before You Go:

Get your vehicle serviced. Regular maintenance such as tune-ups, oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations go a long way toward preventing breakdowns. If your vehicle has not been serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, schedule a preventive maintenance checkup with your mechanic right away.

Pack emergency roadside kit. Some suggested emergency kit contents include: cell phone and charger, first-aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, work gloves and extra clothes, water and nonperishable food, maps, emergency blankets and towels.

Check for recalls. Use NHTSA’s free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) look-up tool at safercar.gov/vin to quickly find out if your specific vehicle is under a recall.

Make sure car seats and booster seats are installed properly.

On the Road: Use Extra Precautions on Florida Roads

Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time. All passengers must agree to wear their seat belts every time they are riding or driving in your vehicle.

Prevent Lockouts. Always take the keys when exiting the car.

Never leave children or pets unattended in the vehicle, even with the A/C on. Always look in the front and back of the vehicle before locking the doors and walking away.

Watch for Motorcyclists and Bicyclists. Warmer weather attracts all types of roadway users, including motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. While they have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as every other motorist, these road users are more vulnerable on the road.

Be Mindful of Pedestrians. Do not assume that pedestrians can see you or that they will act predictably. They may be distracted or physically or mentally impaired.

Avoid Distracted Driving. Keep your eyes on the road, and do not text and drive. Avoid all distractions while driving, including interacting with a cell phone, talking with passengers or looking at other objects in the vehicle.

Do Not Drive Impaired. Alcohol and drugs can impair perception, judgment, motor skills, and memory – the skills critical for safe and responsible driving. Be responsible; impaired drying puts everyone at risk.

Comply with the Move Over Law. Observe the Move Over Law when law enforcement or emergency vehicles are on the side of the road. Change lanes or slow down to give sufficient clearance. This is the law in all 50 states.

Do Not Speed. Obey all posted speed limits.

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