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Maybe you were crossing the street when you had the right of way, or perhaps you were minding your own business on the sidewalk. Regardless of precisely what you were doing at the time, getting struck by a motorist probably ruined a lot more than your day.

Chances are you’re seriously injured now, and with your mounting medical bills and lost wages, you’ll likely find yourself in a dire financial position very soon (if you’re not in one already). While you might be entitled to compensation, it’s important that you find the right personal injury attorney to take your case when so much is at stake.

Should that feel like a major undertaking, don’t worry; you can ensure your claim ends up in good hands by prioritizing just a few qualities. Read on to learn what they are:

1. Experience Handling Pedestrian Accidents

Not all personal injury lawyers are equipped to handle pedestrian accidents. In fact, not even all car accident lawyers can provide effective representation to those who were hurt while on foot.

When evaluating attorneys, consider how much relevant experience each has. For example, how much of their casework involves pedestrian accidents, and what were the outcomes of those claims? Put another way, do they have what it takes to secure satisfactory settlements—or judgements—in such scenarios?

2. A History of Going to Trial

While it’s true that most personal injury claims are settled, you should be wary of anyone who’s never been to court. If an otherwise seasoned attorney has little to no litigation experience, it could be a sign that they’re willing to accept unfair payouts on behalf of their clients in order to avoid the hassle of going to trial.

It’s also worth noting that your case could be one of the few that does result in litigation. Should this end up happening, you’ll be glad you hired someone who knows how to handle themselves in court.

3. Empathy

The most successful lawyers might take an aggressive approach with opposing parties, but they always make sure to handle their clients with compassion. At the end of the day, injured parties need to feel comfortable discussing the most intimate details of their recovery with their legal team.

4. Integrity

Sadly, not all personal injury attorneys have their clients’ best interests at heart. Some just want to churn out claim after claim, for example, settling as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next. Unfortunately for their clients, that often means leaving money on the table.

You can gauge a lawyer’s integrity by considering how they present themselves. For example, are they transparent about their fee structure? Are they willing to discuss all the potential outcomes of your claim openly, including those that aren’t in your favor? Or do they hide their fees and make promises they cannot keep?

Discuss Your Claim with a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Lakeland

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