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Did your son or daughter sustain a serious injury during or shortly after birth? If so, your family may have grounds for legal action.

While obstetrics is far from an exact science—no medical specialty is, in fact—providers have an obligation to take reasonable measures to prevent birth injuries. When they fail to do so and their patients suffer as a result, the affected parties are often entitled to compensation.

Should you choose to proceed, it’s wise to seek legal counsel. Medical malpractice claims involving birth injuries are inherently complex. With the right strategy, however, it may be possible to hold your doctor liable for virtually all the damages your family has incurred.

Chances are you’ve never needed a medical malpractice attorney, though, so you’re entirely sure what constitutes a seasoned professional. With your financial security at stake, you certainly don’t want to pick just anyone to help you. Thankfully, you’ll know you’re in good hands as long as you prioritize the following qualities:

1. Applicable Experience

Not all personal injury attorneys are equipped to handle claims involving medical malpractice. What’s more, not all those who are well-versed in medical malpractice can handle birth injury cases.

As such, it’s important to confirm that the lawyer you’re considering has actually counseled clients who were facing circumstances similar to your own. During your initial consultation, ask how much of their casework involves birth injuries in general, as well as elements like those in your own claim specifically.

2. A Track Record of Success

In the legal field, past wins don’t guarantee future successes. They can be indicative of a tenacious spirit, however, not to mention an unwavering commitment to seeing every claim through to the end.

While any firm that’s been around long enough will inevitably accumulate a few losses under their belt, their overall track record should be promising. Before hiring a lawyer, ask what kinds of outcomes they’ve managed to achieve for their clients. Generally speaking, you want to work with someone who has secured both satisfactory settlements and favorable judgements.

3. Compassion

There are few situations in life more stressful than watching your child struggle. During such a vulnerable time, you need compassionate and earnest counsel from someone who can empathize with you every step of the way.

Your attorney may not have ever been in your shoes, but they should have a deep understanding of all that you’re going through. Only then will they be able to help you build the most compelling case possible and, consequently, pursue every dollar you deserve.

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