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When big rigs crash into small cars, catastrophic damage almost always results. Passenger vehicles are simply no match for 18-wheelers, even at low-speed collisions. Consequently, their occupants tend to sustain devastating injuries in the force of impact.

If you were recently hurt in a large truck crash, it’s only natural to search for someone to blame. After all, if you can prove liability and enough losses to bypass the state’s no-fault system, you can likely hold the responsible party accountable.

While nothing can erase what happened, securing a payout will at least make the aftermath a little more manageable. This is because you can account for virtually all the damages you wouldn’t have incurred had you not gotten hurt. Let’s take a closer look at such damages below:

1. Lost Earnings

If you’re unable to work while recovering from your injuries, you can seek compensation for the associated paychecks you miss. And if your injuries are so severe that they leave you permanently disabled? Assuming you’re unable to earn a living wage as a result, you can also pursue funds for lost earning capacity. This refers to the income and benefits you would have earned had you remained in the the workforce until a more reasonable retirement age.

2. Medical Expenses

Florida tort law allows accident victims to account for all the medical expenses they end up covering out-of-pocket when putting together their claims. This includes hospital bills, office copays, home care fees, and the cost of any necessary prescription drugs or medical equipment.

You can also consider the cost of anticipated procedures that you have yet to undergo when calculating a starting point for the negotiations. If you were severely burned in the wreck, for example, and your doctors think you will need several reconstructive surgeries over the next few years, you can include their associated expenses in your claim.

3. Non-Monetary Losses

The non-economic damages that accompany serious injuries can be every bit as devastating as their monetary counterparts. Thankfully, such losses are recoverable under tort law. These include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment in life.

Of course, like economic damages, you must prove you actually incurred these non-monetary losses in order to be compensated for them. Since they’re intangible, you won’t be able to use bills, invoices, and receipts. You can, however, use documentation like journal entries, psychological assessments, and testimony from loved ones and colleagues who noticed a change in you after the wreck.

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