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A new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) indicates that increases in speed limits over the last twenty years have caused 33,000 accident-related fatalities in the United States. In 2013, the speed limit increases resulted in 1,900 accident-related deaths, which effectively canceled out the number of lives saved by front airbags.


The maximum speed limits are set by the individual states. In the 1970s and 1980s, the states maintained a 55 mph speed limit due to Congress’ implementation of the National Maximum Speed Limit, which required adoption of a 55 mph maximum speed limit in order for the states to receive their financial share of highway funds. The passing of this legislation was prompted by Congress’ concern over fuel availability (not safety); however, there was a dramatic decrease in the number of fatal car accidents. Since the repeal of the National Maximum Speed Limit, travel speeds have slowly increased, as well as the number of car accident fatalities.

Increased Speed Limits in the U.S.

Today, six states have 80 mph speed limits, and drivers in Texas can travel as fast as 85 mph on some roadways. The Florida Department of Transportation has established a maximum speed limit of 70 mph on interstates, 65 mph on four-lane divided highways, and 60 mph on other state highways. The applicable research did not include the speed limit increases of the past three years—since then, five more states have increased their maximum speed limit to above 75 mph.

The study was conducted to highlight the deadly consequences of higher speed limits.

Speeding Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Speed limits are implemented to protect all motorists, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, and they are posted to prevent drivers from making careless and reckless decisions. Unfortunately, drivers disregard the speed limit too often; thus, speeding remains as one of the most common causes of car accidents in the U.S.

High-speed accidents are more likely to result in major property damage and serious bodily injuries, such as: brain and facial injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, fractures, amputations, scrapes, bruises and lacerations, as well as psychological injuries. Additionally, it is not uncommon for speeding to cause catastrophic and/or fatal injuries.

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Speeding is a negligent and dangerous behavior that typically results in devastating consequences to all parties involved. Capaz Law Firm represents clients who are involved in speeding accidents in Tampa. Our auto accident attorneys fight to hold all negligent parties accountable for the damage caused to others.

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