Getting hurt in a large truck crash can jeopardize almost anyone’s financial security. From medical bills and lost wages to vehicle repairs and domestic help, the associated expenses can amount to tens of thousands of dollars—or more—in a matter of weeks.

While truck accident victims are often entitled to compensation, they’re not necessarily guaranteed a payout. In order to secure the funds they need to cover the losses they incur, they must put together a convincing claim.

If you were recently involved in a wreck with a big rig and you want to hold the liable party accountable, building a strong claim starts on day one. Here are some of the most important steps to take as soon as possible, so you can pursue the compensation you deserve:

1. Seek Medical Care

Even if your injuries do not appear life-threatening, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. There are a number of impact injuries that don’t always manifest symptoms right away, so just because you feel okay doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

In addition to ensuring the prompt treatment of any and all injuries, seeking care immediately will start a paper trail that links the accident to your condition. This will make it easier for your legal team to prove causation later.

2. Preserve Evidence from the Scene

If you gathered any evidence before leaving the scene, put it in a safe place until you can give it to your personal injury attorney. Examples include statements from eyewitnesses, photographs of the wreckage, and dash camera recordings.

3. Adjust Your Social Media Settings

Until your claim has been resolved, it’s best to lay low on social media. The insurance adjuster will probably take to monitoring your activity, so you want to avoid giving them any reason to challenge your credibility. Avoid posting about the accident, your injuries, or any outings, and adjust your privacy settings so only approved connections can see what you do publish.

4. Call a Lawyer

Just because you have the right to represent yourself doesn’t mean you should. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you can focus on your health while your claim proceeds in seasoned hands.

5. Refer the Insurance Adjuster to Your Legal Team

Once you hire an attorney, you should refer all correspondence from the opposing party to them. The insurance adjuster won’t be able to manipulate you into accepting blame or otherwise hurting your case if they don’t have any direct contact with you.

Discuss Your Case with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Lakeland

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