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Floridians are all too familiar with hurricanes and tropical storms. When a hurricane or tropical storm hits or looms nearby, the resulting damage can be devastating. In addition to bodily injuries and loss of life, the everyday lives of individuals and families are often misplaced due to the loss of water and power and loss and/or damage to homes and properties caused by the serious winds, rainfall and flooding of the storm.

Hurricane Matthew Insurance Claims

If your home or property sustains damage due to a hurricane or tropical storm, it is important to document “evidence” in support of your claim to be filed with an insurance company. Be sure to have several photographs of the property to document the condition of the prior to the storm damage. After the storm, do not “clean” immediately. Instead, photograph the damaged property in its condition immediately following the storm, and create a list of all damaged property. Look for any and all signs of damage, even damage that might not be readily visible such as interior water damage or roof damage. This documented evidence will be very helpful after the damages are repaired. If you obtain a repair estimate, be sure to get a written proposal from the repair company. And, if you conduct any temporary repairs, document and save all evidence of your related expenses.

It is imperative for you to contact your insurance company as soon as possible and to document all communications that you have with the representative. When submitting a claim to the insurance company, you will need to include as much detailed information as possible.
It is no secret that insurance companies are businesses, and they will often deny all or part of insurance claims, deny the existence of coverage, dispute the value of the loss, and/or attempt to present low or undervalued settlement offers on legitimate claims. This is one reason why it is important that you read through your insurance policy, so that you may be clear as what type of damage is covered under the policy and/or as to whether any additional policy or rider is required. Having knowledge of your coverage details will allow you to identify any misleading and/or false information provided by your insurer.

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If you are faced with a denial, delay or underevaluation issue from your insurance company regarding hurricane, wind, storm and/or flood damage to your property, contact our Tampa hurricane insurance claim attorneys at the Capaz Law Firm. The Capaz Law Firm will review your insurance policy, analyze the sustained damage, and evaluate your claim for purposes of seeking to hold the insurance company accountable to the terms of the policy contract. To speak with an experienced Tampa insurance lawyer about your insurance claim following hurricane, wind, storm, and/or flood damage, contact the Capaz Law Firm at 813-440-2700.