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Currently, Florida drivers may only be cited for texting and driving if they are stopped for some other traffic offense, such as speeding or making an illegal lane change. However, texting while driving could soon be a primary offense in Florida. The House Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee approved House Bill 33 (HB 33) with a unanimous vote at Tuesday’s legislative session. Two more approvals are needed before the Bill can go to a general vote on the House floor.

Texting While Driving Ban

Under HB 33, texting and driving would become a primary offense, meaning that Florida drivers could get pulled over if observed to be texting behind the wheel by law enforcement. The penalty for the first non-moving offense would remain the same—$30.00 fine plus court costs (with no points added to the driver’s record). While a second offense (within five years) would result in a $60.00 fine, court costs, and three points on a driver’s license. If the Bill becomes law, Florida would become the 44th state to ban texting and driving. Previous attempts to pass a similar bill have not been successful; however, HB 33 seems to have strong support from legislative leaders.

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Statistics show that one out of every four car accidents in the U.S. is caused by texting and driving or some other form of distracted driving. The federal government estimates that, in 2016, approximately 3,500 people were killed and more than 400,000 people were injured in the United States as a result of involvement in a distracting driving accident. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported the occurrence of more than 50,000 distracted-driving car crashes in the State of Florida in 2016. The exact number of persons killed in texting-related accidents is unknown.

Some of the nation’s most deadly roadways are located in Florida, yet it remains one of the only states to not yet fully ban texting while driving. As stated by House Speaker Richard Corcoran, “Texting and driving presents a real, life-threatening danger to Floridians both on and off the road. The data is overwhelming and the need to act is equally compelling.” Perhaps House Bill 33 could be the first step towards safer roads.

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