More than 500,000 people made their way to Daytona Beach, Florida, to attend the 75th Annual Daytona Bike Week. The ten-day event drew crowds of local Floridians, as well a lot of out-of- state visitors. One thing is for certain—Florida’s interstates and roadways contained a lot more motorcycles than usual. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, Florida is the deadliest state in the United States for fatal motorcycle crashes. Despite only representing 7% of the state’s licensed motorists, motorcyclists have accounted for 1/5 or 19% of the fatal motor vehicles in Florida. Motorcyclists are more “exposed” (or less protected) than the average operator of a car or truck; thus, motorcycle crashes often result in fatal or serious bodily injuries. The Capaz Law Firm’s Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers have found that some of the most common injuries include: fractures, head trauma or brain damage, spinal cord injuries, facial disfigurement, and road rash.


Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Tampa

It is not unusual for motorcyclists to be viewed as reckless and dangerous. However, it has been shown that it is actually the drivers of automobiles who cause the majority of motorcycle accidents. Negligent driving can cause serious bodily injuries to even the safest and most experienced motorcyclist. Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Tampa include:

  • Running Red Lights or Stop Signs
  • Failure to Yield
  • Careless Lane Changes
  • Distracted Driving
  • Excessive Speed
  • Drunk Driving

Even if every precaution is taken to prevent involvement in an accident, a motorcyclist may be still end up being injured in an accident through no fault of his own. If the negligence and carelessness of another driver has caused an accident, the Tampa motorcycle attorneys at the Capaz Law Firm will utilize all resources to establish liability by conducting a thorough crash site investigation and by working with accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, and any other needed professionals.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Tampa

The Capaz Law Firm handles all types of vehicle-related personal injury matters, including motorcycle accidents in Tampa. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle or car crash, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys in Tampa for guidance regarding the potential insurance claim and litigation process.