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If you slipped and fell on someone else’s property, you might be entitled to compensation. Just because you have grounds for taking action, however, doesn’t mean securing a payout will be easy.

In order to put together a strong premises liability claim, you’re going to have to compile sufficient evidence of both negligence and damages. Put another way, you’re going to have to prove that the property owner or occupier somehow breached their duty of care and that you incurred actual losses as a direct result.

While every claim is unique, there are a few kinds of proof that almost always bolster a slip and fall claim. Read on to learn what they are:

1. Eyewitness Testimony

If anyone saw you slip and fall, their statement could corroborate your own version of events. If you were able to get the names and phone numbers of those parties, give the details to your legal team, so they can reach out while the facts are still fresh in everyone’s minds.

If you weren’t able to get the contact details of those who saw what happened but you fell at a business establishment, such information may be included in the incident report.

2. Photographs of the Scene

Were you able to photograph the hazard in question before leaving the property? If so, give the images to your personal injury attorney. They will have them evaluated by accident reconstruction experts.

If you weren’t able to record the scene, ask a friend or loved one to head over and photograph the area where you fell as soon as possible. Even if the owner addressed the hazard so it’s no longer there, images of the property can help paint a clear picture of what happened.

3. Video Footage

Thanks to advancements in technology, surveillance systems are more affordable than ever. As such, many business establishments and private residents are equipped with cameras nowadays.

If you slipped and fell in an area that was being recorded, the associated footage could be integral to your claim. Your legal team will want to reach out to the owner and request a copy as soon as possible, though, because the videos may be overwritten in a matter of weeks.

4. Medical Records

Hospital intake forms, diagnostic images, nursing logs, and other associated records will serve as the foundation of your damages claim. Make sure to save all the documents associated with your diagnosis and treatment, as well as the invoices and receipts that correspond to your injury-related expenses.

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