If you were recently involved in a car accident and you intend to seek compensation for the damages, you’re going to have to go through an auto insurance adjuster. Whether you merely file a first-party claim or you end up exhausting your personal injury protection and file a third-party claim, too, the outcome is going to come down to your interactions with the insurer.


To avoid hurting your case inadvertently—or leaving any money on the table—make sure to follow these tips when dealing with the opposing party:

1. Do Preserve All Correspondence

Save all letters, emails, and voice recordings you receive from the carrier regarding the accident. Even if their content seems inconsequential, the details could end influencing the claims process.

If you have any actual conversations, try to record them after letting the other party know you’ll be doing so. Otherwise, write down everything that was discussed as soon as possible after you hang up the phone.

2. Don’t Give a Recorded Statement

The insurance adjuster may tell you they cannot process your claim without a recorded statement. Should that be the case, do not give one until you’ve conducted a thorough investigation of your own and reached maximum medical improvement.

Speaking on the cause of the crash or the extent of your injuries before confirming everything could lead to saying something that turns out to be untrue. This would open the door for the opposing party to question your credibility, threatening the validity of your entire case.

3. Do Refer Them to Your Legal Team

If you turn to a personal injury attorney for help, they will be happy to handle all correspondence with the opposing party on your behalf. In fact, they’ll probably insist that you let them.

The first time the insurance adjuster reaches out after you’ve retained counsel, direct them to your legal team. They shouldn’t contact you again, and if they do, simply refer them to your lawyer once more.

4. Don’t Connect with Them on Social Media

Social media may seem like a convenient place to exchange information about your claim, but connecting with the insurance adjuster also means giving them access to your profiles. If they send you a request, it’s best to decline it and then make sure your profile is set to private. Otherwise, the opposing party might see something that prompts them to dispute the damages you’re claiming.

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