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Whether you bike to leave a smaller carbon footprint or get in some physical activity—or maybe a little both—you never expect a ride to land you in the hospital. Unfortunately, as many cyclists have learned the hard way, there are no guarantees when riding alongside moving traffic.

No matter how conscientious you might be, you cannot rely on the motorists around you to exercise the same caution. All it takes is one driver falling victim to a distraction for two or three seconds to cause a devastating bicycle accident.

If you were hurt in just such an accident, it’s only natural to want justice. Should you be planning on filing a clam, here are a few tips for giving it the best chance of success:

1. Do Prioritize Your Recovery

It’s not uncommon for impact injuries to go unnoticed for hours or even days. That means even if you feel relatively fine, you should still visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Undergoing a comprehensive exam right away will ensure the prompt treatment of any serious injuries. Later, during the proceedings, it will also show that you were committed to mitigating damages from the jump. This will help bolster your credibility.

2. Don’t Seek Support on Social Media

Since insurance adjusters often take to monitoring claimants online, it’s wise to lay low on social media in the aftermath of the crash. You never know how they might try to spin what you post so it can be used against you. For maximum protection, activate the strictest privacy settings, and scrutinize your content from all angles before publishing it.

3. Do Track the Damages

You’re inevitably going to incur losses from day one, so it’s wise to start tracking them right away. Save all receipts, bills, and invoices associated with any expenses you wouldn’t have incurred had you not gotten hurt.

You should also start writing in a journal. Every day, jot down a few sentences about your injuries and how they are affecting your quality of life. These entries will come in handy when it comes time to prove non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

4. Don’t Say Anything on Record

If the insurance adjuster insists on obtaining a statement, it’s best to refuse and then refer them to your legal team. Anything you say on record is up for considerable scrutiny and ultimately opens the door for potential disputes. This is especially true if they want you to speak on the severity of your injuries or the extent of the damages before you’ve reached maximum medical improvement.

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