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What to Do After a Big Rig Accident

The Capaz Law Firm represents those who have been injured by corporate / commercial vehicles and delivery trucks accidents in Florida. We are familiar with the liability issues involved in truck accidents involving large commercial trucks, service trucks, freight shipping trucks and delivery vehicles, including UPS, FedEx and other types of trucks.

Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

Delivery truck accidents are common because the delivery drivers often work under a lot of pressure. Drivers spend countless hours on the road, they have strict schedules to keep, and sometimes their pay is based on how quickly they deliver a load. Daily stress and efforts to get the job done quickly can lead to reckless and careless actions and can cause serious accidents.

Driver Fatigue

Tired truck drivers are a leading cause of truck accidents. Spending hours on the road can be utterly exhausting. But the job’s not done until it’s done. It is common for truck drivers to be paid based upon the number of miles they drive. Often, delivery drivers continue to drive even though they need to rest. Some drivers turn to alternatives, such as coffee or coke, to stay awake. Other drivers rely upon certain drugs to help them to stay alert. Unfortunately, these drugs can have unwanted side effects, and drivers can become jittery or aggressive and suffer from slowed reaction time. There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. Eventually, tired drivers will make mistakes while on the road and pushing through to make final deliveries. We are all at the mercy of these tired delivery truck drivers.

Heavy Traffic

Traffic is stressful, and, unfortunately, it is an unavoidable part of life. This is especially true for delivery truck drivers who maintain tight delivery schedules. Traffic can cause drivers to become behind schedule, thus, causing them to rush to make up any time delay. This is a major cause of delivery truck accidents in Tampa. Hurried drivers are aggressive, make fast decisions and take more risks on the road to save time. One small judgment lapse (whether it’s a last-minute turn or running a red light) can cause a devastating accident with an innocent driver or pedestrian.

Mechanical Problems

Sometimes delivery truck accidents occur due to mechanical failure. This may be due to the failure to perform regular vehicle inspections, or it could be due to a manufacturer defect. Determination of the cause of the accident helps to identify the responsible and liable party(ies), as well as any person or party who should be included in the claim for damages (such as delivery truck driver, the trucking company and/or the delivery vehicle manufacturer).

Distracted Driving

Another cause of truck accidents is distracted driving. Everyone who drives a vehicle is responsible for staying alert and paying attention to the road. However, sometimes truck drivers get distracted which can be very dangerous. Whether they’re using their cell phone to talk or text, reading information on a clipboard, scanner or computer, or reaching for something inside the vehicle, delivery truck drivers who take their eyes off the road can cause devastating accidents.

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