Many new cars and trucks today are sold with a keyless ignition system. These keyless ignition systems permit drivers to start the car while the key fob remains in their pocket or purse.

According to a recent CNN article, experts have raised concerns with these keyless ignition systems and have stated that the car or truck can continue to run ever after the fob itself is no longer in the car or truck. A class action lawsuit has been filed against General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, and other major vehicle automakers for these kinds of incidents.

Keyless Ignition Systems

The lawsuit cited situations where drivers have unintentionally left their vehicles running inside enclosed garages. A build-up of toxic and odorless carbon gas can occur when vehicles like this continue to run in an enclosed garage. In some cases, engines may not be running at all when the driver first gets out of the vehicle. This is usually seen in gasoline-electric hybrid cars. There have been thirteen deaths and many injuries in these sorts of incidents according to the lawsuit.

General Motors and other major automakers are now adding software to newer vehicles to fix this issue. Some automakers have added an “auto-off” feature or a horn feature that alerts drivers if they leave their vehicle running. Unfortunately, these features aren’t seen on older vehicles already on the road.