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Commercial vehicles are everywhere these days. Whether it’s a construction vehicle, delivery truck, government vehicle or semi-truck, these large vehicles dominate the road and pose a major threat to other motorists. When an accident occurs, innocent victims can be left with serious or even fatal injuries. When this happens, you need an experienced accident attorney to represent your best interests and fight for the compensation you deserve.

An Experienced Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Can Fight for You 

If you’ve been in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, it’s important to contact an attorney with experience in these types of cases. An experienced attorney understands the causes of these accidents, the types of injuries that occur and how to hold the responsible party accountable.

In fact, the driver of the commercial vehicle may not be the only one at fault for the accident. The driver’s employer or the vehicle manufacturer could also be held accountable. This is something commercial vehicle companies know all too well. That’s why they keep defense attorneys and accident reconstruction experts on retainer.

As soon as an accident occurs, their lawyers will immediately begin their investigation. They may even begin investigating your accident before you have had a full medical exam of your injuries and long before you contact an attorney. Ultimately, their job is to use their expertise to limit the amount of money paid to accident victims. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to fight for your rights and get you the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

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Common Causes of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

There are many causes of commercial vehicle accidents, but one of the main reasons these accidents occur is due to the nature of commercial vehicles. Simply put, the drivers of these vehicles are at work when they’re behind the wheel. Therefore, drivers may be stressed, may be rushing to meet deadlines, or may be overtired from working too many hours. And while there are strict laws and regulations to help prevent accidents, accidents still occur.

Whether due to speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, improper loading, inadequate maintenance or sadly, drug and alcohol abuse, the negligence of a commercial vehicle driver can cause an accident that has devastating consequences for everyone involved.

What Evidence Could Help Prove Liability in a Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

With your financial future likely hinging on the outcome of your claim, you may be wondering what evidence could help prove that the commercial vehicle driver was responsible for causing the wreck.

Here are a few types of evidence your attorney may use to demonstrate liability:

  • Photographs: In an auto accident claim, pictures aren’t just worth a thousand words, they could net you thousands of dollars. Images from the accident scene will help paint a clear picture of the property damage and injuries you suffered. These photographs could also connect your condition to the wreck, helping you avoid disputes over causation. As such, if you are physically able to do so, you should take pictures at the accident scene and share these images with your attorney. Photographs of nearby traffic signs, debris, hazards, and skid marks could also help prove fault.
  • Dashcam Footage: More and more vehicle owners are kitting out their cars with dashcams to make sure they have strong evidence to prove liability in the event of a worst-case scenario. If your car isn’t fitted with one of these devices, there’s a chance that another motorist caught the accident on camera. You should ask them to share these files with you immediately as this footage is usually erased every few days. Alternatively, if the accident happened near a local business, their surveillance cameras may have recorded video that could help prove liability.
  • Eyewitnesses: A bystander who saw the accident take place could play a crucial role in proving your claim. Their statements might help corroborate your version of events or shed light on the at-fault motorist’s actions in the moments preceding the crash. For instance, if they noticed the delivery truck driver was speeding just before the accident, their deposition could help demonstrate that he or she is responsible for causing the crash.
  • Accident Reconstruction Experts: Accident reconstruction is a branch of causation forensics. Ultimately, experts in this field can use evidence from an accident scene to piece together the events that led to a crash. By utilizing principles of physics, engineering, and mathematics, they can provide their opinion on various causal factors such as collision angles, travelling speeds, and driver visibility, deducing who or what might’ve been responsible for causing the collision. If it’s not clear who is liable in your case, your attorney may bring in an accident reconstruction expert to investigate the circumstances surrounding the collision.

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