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Are you planning on filing a personal injury claim against a property owner or occupier? If you slipped and fell because they were negligent, there’s a good chance you have grounds for action.

Regardless of how compelling the evidence might be, though, there are some scenarios that could keep you from securing the compensation you deserve. If you make a critical mistake along the way, for example, your case could come crumbling down.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes premises liability claimants tend to make, so you know what not to do:

1. Failing to Get Prompt Medical Attention

If you were able to walk after the accident, visiting a doctor probably wasn’t at the top of your “To Do” list. Just because you feel okay, however, doesn’t mean you are.

The adrenaline from the slip and fall could be masking troublesome symptoms. There are also a number of injuries that doesn’t always manifest apparent issues for days or even weeks. By seeking prompt care, you can ensure the timely treatment of any and all injuries. And as long as you follow all medical advice, you’ll also demonstrate a commitment to mitigating damages. This will help bolster your credibility during the subsequent claims process.

2. Failing to Preserve Evidence

In order to secure a payout, you’re going to have to convince the insurance adjuster—or the judge—that the owner or occupier could have prevented the accident by taking reasonable measures. This demands a solid foundation of compelling evidence, much of which will come from the scene.

If you have photographs of the premises, statements from eyewitnesses, video footage of the aftermath, or an official incident report, give it to your legal team for safekeeping.

3. Failing to Protect Yourself Online

Insurance adjusters consider social media a veritable treasure trove of evidence that allows them to challenge the claims they review. If you’re active online, it’s best to lay low for as long as your case is pending.

Should you continue posting about your personal life, there’s always the chance the content will be used against you. Depending on how the adjuster interprets the posts, they might be inclined to question the severity of your injuries or the extent of the damages. Either could ultimately destroy your credibility.

If you cannot disable your profiles temporarily, as least activate stricter privacy settings and filter all new friends or followers. Do not accept requests from anyone whom you don’t recognize.

You should also scrutinize every post before hitting “Publish.” If there’s even a chance the content could be spun and used against you, avoid putting it out there.

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