Tampa Slip and Fall Attorneys

What Evidence Should I Gather After a Slip and Fall?

Tampa Slip and Fall & Trip and Fall Accident Lawyer If you were seriously hurt after slipping and falling on someone else’s property, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Just because you’re entitled to pursue compensation, however, doesn’t mean you will automatically secure a payout.

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Capaz Law Premises Liability

Tampa Slip and Fall Attorney

Property owners have a responsibility to protect people on their property by maintaining safe conditions and eliminating dangers that are foreseeable. They also must also provide sufficient warning of any dangerous conditions like a cracked sidewalk or wet floor. When property owners fail to do this and it results in a visitor to have an […]

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Premises Liability Attorney in Tampa

Florida Premises Liability Information

Details of Premises Liability Cases Property owners and businesses are responsible for the safety of individuals who are legally on their premises. “Premises Liability” refers to accidents that occur due to the negligent maintenance, operation or design of property. If you or someone your know has been injured as a result of a dangerous property […]

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