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What to Do If You Slip & Fall on Someone Else’s Property

If you slipped and fell at someone else’s business establishment or private residence and you sustained more than a bruised ego, you’re probably wondering what to do next. After all, the things you do—or fail to do—in the aftermath will have a major impact on the outcome of any personal injury claims you end up […]

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The Dos & Don’ts of Corresponding with Auto Insurance Adjusters

If you were recently involved in a car accident and you intend to seek compensation for the damages, you’re going to have to go through an auto insurance adjuster. Whether you merely file a first-party claim or you end up exhausting your personal injury protection and file a third-party claim, too, the outcome is going […]

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What Kinds of Wrongful Death Damages Are Available in Florida?

When a loved one dies, nothing can fill the void left in the wake of the loss. There’s no way to bring the deceased back or to undo whatever led to their death in the first place. If the circumstances surrounding the passing could have been prevented, however, you may have grounds for legal action. […]

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How Long Do I Have to File a Medical Malpractice Suit in Florida?

If your doctor made a mistake when diagnosing or treating you, causing complications in the process, you may have grounds for legal action. In the state of Florida, patients who have been wronged are entitled to sue their health care providers for damages. Since there are a number of restrictions when it comes to filing […]

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What to Do—& Not Do—When Building a Car Accident Claim

If you were recently hurt in a collision and you’re wondering how you’re ever going to make ends meet now, you are not alone. On average, disabling car accident injuries cost nearly $100,000 in medical bills, lost wages, and property repairs. There are also a host of non-economic damages to consider, like pain and suffering, […]

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What to Do If You Suspect Medical Malpractice

Suffering complications after a doctor has made a mistake is one of those scenarios you hear about but assume will never happen to you—until it does. A leading cause of death in this country, medical malpractice occurs far more often than most people realize. If you think you were the unfortunate victim of a physician’s […]

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What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

In an ideal world, physicians would be able to cure every patient who turned to them for care. Since so much is yet to be discovered in the field of medicine, however, that’s not possible. There remain all kinds of conditions that doctors cannot treat. Instead, their only option is to manage the worst of […]

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What Kind of Evidence from the Scene of the Accident Will Bolster My Claim?

Most successful car accident claims are supported by lots of evidence from the scene. If you were recently hurt in a wreck and you intend to take action against those who were to blame, be prepared to present the following: 1. Images of the Wreckage Photographs of the scene can help accident reconstruction experts piece […]

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5 Pieces of Evidence to Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim

While every car accident claim is undeniably unique, all those that end up yielding a payout have one thing in common: they’re supported by lots of evidence. If you were seriously hurt in a wreck, you’re going to have to compile proof of both liability and damages before you can seek compensation. Although the most […]

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5 Tips for Using Social Media When Building a Personal Injury Claim

Recovering from serious injuries is inherently stressful. No matter how far you’ve come, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that still lie ahead. When facing such hurdles, turning to social media for support is often second nature. Should you plan on filing a personal injury claim, though, it’s best […]

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