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In 2006, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) introduced electronic highway signs, which flash traffic information and warnings (crashes and traffic times), as well as Silver and Amber Alerts. The electronic signs are also being used to caution drivers about the existence of wrong-way drivers on the roadway. There are now more than 130 electronic billboards in Tampa. FDOT has reported that, last month in April 2016, authorities issued 17 wrong-way driver alerts on overhead electronic billboards in Tampa.

Wrong-Way Drivers Accident

The FDOT employs a team of people who monitor the roadways 24/7 via a live video stream of 200 cameras. If an operator spots a wrong-way driver on the highway, he or she sends an alert to the authorities and, within seconds, all nearby electronic signs are changed to flash a message urging vehicle drivers to use extreme caution. The warning notifications are placed on each direction of the interstate in the event that a witness reported a wrong direction or location.

Unfortunately, incidences of wrong-way drivers are becoming too common. When traveling down an interstate, motor vehicle drivers typically do not have a lot of time to react once they notice a person driving in the wrong direction. Wrong-way drivers are often in the left lane of multilane highways because they think that they are in the right-hand lane for their direction of travel. Accordingly, the National Transportation Safety Board recommends avoiding use of the left lane (especially during late-night hours), driving in the right lanes and attempting to get off the road as soon as possible.

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