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The outcome of your car accident claim depends on several factors. While you might be aware of some of the more obvious influencers, like the severity of your injuries, you may not realize the caliber of the counsel you retain will also have a major impact on the end result.

Put another way, you shouldn’t turn to just anyone for help navigating the proceedings. Taking the time to find the right personal injury attorney could mean the difference between walking away with an unsatisfactory settlement and securing every last dollar you deserve.

So how can you be sure you’ve found the right representation? Thankfully, a car accident victim can gauge a lawyer’s ability to handle a case during the very first meeting.

By asking the following questions—and evaluating the answers carefully—you’ll know by the end of the consultation whether you should enlist the attorney’s help:

1. Have You Handled Cases with Elements Similar to My Own?

Taking action against a drunk driver calls for a much different approach than suing the municipality over a bus crash. While every personal injury claimant wants to achieve the same outcome—a payout large enough to cover all the losses they incur—each takes a unique path to get there.

Since not all accident lawyers are equipped to handle all kinds of accidents, you need to confirm that the attorney you’re thinking about hiring is actually familiar with cases like your own.

2. How Do You Think My Case Will Likely Be Resolved?

A lawyer who practices with integrity will never promise to achieve a specific outcome since virtually anything can happen over the course of the proceedings; however, they should be willing to share their professional opinion regarding the most likely resolution. They should also be open to discussing all possible outcomes with honesty, thereby ensuring the client understands that a win is not guaranteed.

3. How Many Cases Have You Taken to Court?

Although most car accident claims are settled, a small percentage of actions do end up at trial. Since yours could be one of them, it’s best from day one to turn to someone who has trial experience.

Unless the attorney you’re considering is incredibly new to the legal field, you should be wary of anyone who has never taken a case to court. That could mean they’re willing to accept lesser settlements on behalf of their clients so they can avoid the hassle of trial.

4. How Often Will You Update Me on My Claim?

You deserve to be informed of every major milestone in your case. You also deserve regular updates detailing the progress of the investigation, the negotiation, and any other associated proceedings.

Make sure the firm you’re considering is committed to keeping in contact with their clients every step of the way.

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