If you’ve been in a car accident in Tampa, you know the tremendous impact it can have on your life. Car accidents often lead to serious and painful injuries which not only reduce your enjoyment of life but cost a fortune in medical bills. Your injuries may also prevent you from working, resulting in lost wages for you and your family—not to mention the cost of property damage. Simply put, an accident due to someone else’s negligence can wreck more than just your car—it can wreck your life. That’s why you need an experienced car accident lawyer to represent your case, and why choosing the right lawyer is so important. The attorney you choose will take legal action against the person responsible and hold them accountable, helping you get your life back on track. So before you hire a lawyer to represent your case, consider these 3 tips for choosing the right car accident lawyer in Tampa.


1. Choose a Reputable Attorney First, research the attorney you want to hire. Read through their website to learn about their education, their past work experience and their areas of practice. The best lawyers will have an attorney bio section on their website to help you learn more about them. They should also have a list of important memberships, awards and certifications. Next, see what others have to say about the lawyer. If possible, talk to people who know or have worked with the attorney to learn about their personality and work ethic. Reputation is everything. Lastly, check with the Florida Bar Association to make sure there are no complaints against the lawyer.

2. Choose A Lawyer with the Right Experience Choosing the right lawyer for your case means choosing the lawyer with the right experience. For a car accident lawyer in Tampa, you need someone who has dealt with this area of the law before, particularly someone with a history of working with insurance companies. These lawyers will know things like know how insurers evaluate and defend claims and under what circumstances a settlement will be paid. They will also understand common tactics used by insurance companies (like trying to get a recorded statement from you before you know the full extent of your injuries) and know how to protect you from them. As you can see, an attorney with the right experience can make that experience work for your car accident case.

3. Choose an Aggressive Attorney In addition to choosing a reputable attorney with the right experience, it’s also important to choose an aggressive attorney who will relentlessly pursue your case and give you the attention you deserve. The best attorney will:

* guide you through the legal and claim process to help you obtain the appropriate and necessary medical treatment

* assert a claim for your injuries and damages

* seek to hold the responsible party accountable

* seek fair compensation for your property damage, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa

If you have been in a car accident and would like to discuss your case with a Tampa car accident attorney, contact the Capaz Law Firm for a free consultation. We have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have about your case and will provide you with personal attention and quality representation to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. We understand the damaging effects a car accident can have on your life and we’re here to help.