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If you’re planning on filing a car accident claim, you should be prepared to go head-to-head with an insurance adjuster. Part resourceful investigator and part shrewd negotiator, these professionals are hired by carriers to scrutinize every claim that comes their way.

No matter how helpful they may seem—or how sympathetic they appear—it’s important to remember that their ultimate goal is in direct opposition with the claimant’s. Whereas the insurance adjuster wants to protect the carrier’s  bottom line, the claimant wants to secure the funds needed to make their life whole again.

If you’re worried about jeopardizing your case inadvertently when corresponding with the insurance adjuster, don’t worry. After reading the answers below, you’ll be prepared to handle everything they throw your way.

1. What Should I Do If the Insurance Adjuster Demands a Statement?

Fairly soon after the wreck, the adjuster will probably reach out and ask for a recorded statement. They may even try to convince you that they cannot process your claim until you speak on record.

Regardless of how persistent they might be, however, it’s best to refrain from taking an official stance on liability or damages. If you speak on either prematurely, you might say something that ends up being inaccurate. This, in turn, opens the door for the adjuster to challenge your credibility and, consequently, the very foundation of your claim.

2. Is the Carrier Entitled to the Evidence I Gathered at the Scene of the Crash?

In addition to demanding a recorded statement, the insurance adjuster may try to persuade you to hand over any evidence in your possession. Examples include photographs of the scene, dash camera footage, and official reports.

Regardless of what they might claim, you’re under no obligation to surrender anything. In such a scenario, the best approach is to give the evidence to your legal team. After reviewing everything, a strategic attorney will help you determine how to present the proof so it contributes to your claim in the most compelling way possible.

3. How Can I Protect My Rights When Going up Against the Insurance Adjuster?

The best way to protect yourself during the claims process is by enlisting legal help. As soon as you hire a lawyer, in fact, you don’t have to worry about interacting with the insurance adjuster at all. You can simply refer them to your legal team, who will handle all future correspondence on your behalf.

It’s also wise to lay low on social media. The insurance adjuster will undoubtedly try to monitor your online activity, so you want to avoid posting anything that might give them cause to challenge some aspect of your claim.

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