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The Florida Highway Patrol is partnering with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the national 2016 “Click It or Ticket” campaign, which runs from May 23 through June 5. Law enforcement is promoting seat belt use as a method of preventing unnecessary serious bodily injuries and death.

Under Florida law, vehicle drivers, front-seat passengers, and all children under the age of 18 are required to wear a seatbelt while traveling in a motor vehicle. However, more than 43% of the people killed in car crashes in 2015 were not wearing their seatbelts. It has been proven that seat belt use is the most effective way to reduce fatalities in motor vehicle accidents.


As stated by U .S. Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, “Putting on your seat belt is one of the easiest and safest choices you can make.” Law enforcement will be out in full force to encourage all drivers and passengers to wear their seat belts. So, when traveling around Tampa Bay, please remember to buckle up. Seat belts save lives.

Capaz Law Firm Encourages Seat Belt Use

It is important to remember that, in life, we do not always get second chances. A seatbelt can make a major difference in the outcome of a car accident. Be smart and make sure that you and all of your passengers are buckled up, always.